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Verifyex Center

Verifyex Center

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Table of Contents



Unblock the binance Fix Bainance account block Verification and Authentication of Binance

About verifyex:

The verifyex organization has been created with the aim of providing solutions to unblock and block individual user accounts in exchange offices and financial institutions. The center, a subsidiary of the Global Information Security Development Company, has been established in the context of cyberspace and the Internet, and now provides authentication and account blocking services to more than 121,000 users.

Who needs our help?

All people have invested their money in websites such as Bainance, Cocaine, Coin Base, etc., and now their coins/tokens  is blocked and blocked due to political and economic sanctions, they can use VERIFYEX services.Currently, the most important countries whose people have lost their coins/tokens in foreign exchange under the influence of economic sanctions are: Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Congo, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Haiti, Libya, Iraq. , Saudi Arabia, Myanmar, Uganda, Pakistan, Lebanon, Egypt, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal and ….



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6 Responses

  1. Hello . I am from Lebanon and my account has been blocked by kucoine, do you provide services to Lebanon? Please advise me what to do to open my account?

    1. Hi Sara
      Yes kucoin is one of the websites we provide services, you can safely submit your request so that our experts can investigate and solve your problem.
      We provide services to Lebanon and you can use our services without any worries

  2. Hello, do I have to have a passport or identification documents from other countries to remove the blocked account?
    My account is blocked and I do not know what to do! I do not have any identification documents from a foreign country …
    I have only registered level one in Bainance and now it rejects my account and does not allow withdrawal.
    I live in Taiwan

    1. We do not need any identification documents from another country. All you have to do is fill out the application registration form and wait for all the steps and documents to be provided by us.
      We also provide services to Taiwanese users and people and there will be no problem in this regard
      You can use our services safely

  3. Hi, I’ve been blocked in Binance for about two months and will not be allowed to withdraw … Can you help me?
    I live in Iran and I was logging in to my Binance account with VPN. Help me … I do not know what to do!

    1. Hello, yes we can help you and our team has been created to solve your problems.
      We also provide services to Iranian users, and recently a large number of Iranian users in Binance have been attacked and their accounts have been blocked. Please submit your request through the form on the site to receive services and unblock your account.

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